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The Sleeve² - Classroom Door Security

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  • Deploys quickly and easily
  • Tested to withstand over 550 lbs. of external force
  • Laser-cut out of solid 12 gauge carbon steel (.104” thick)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tested
  • Industrial-strength rubber pads
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Patented design and function


**Hanging bracket sold separately 


Secure ANY outward-swinging door with the Sleeve. Slide it over the door’s closer arm, and it will NOT budge.

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  • Indestructible

    Laser-cut from solid 12-gauge carbon steel, the Sleeve can withstand up to 550lbs of force. We stand by the Sleeve to effectively barricade your outward-swinging door when you need it the most.

  • One-Step Activation

    In panic mode? No worries!

    The Sleeve’s ingenious 1-step activation allows ANYBODY to secure a door in 2 seconds - even if their hands are trembling.

  • No Permanent Modifications

    Secure your doors without worrying about building code or fire violations. All our products are 100% modification free - meaning you don’t have to do any drilling, gluing, or screwing.

    Just keep the Sleeve nearby, and you can put up an effective barricade immediately.

  • Perfect for Schools and Businesses

    Schools and commercial buildings in all 50 states use the Sleeve. Don’t settle for cheap locks or barricades. Get a door security device that you can rely on to keep you safe during lockdowns!

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How The Sleeve2 Works:

When Seconds count, The Sleeve could save your life.

You think it can’t happen at your school, but it’s becoming a reality more often.

Art Rocha was in charge of a lab directly across the street from the UCLA shooting.

"You know, we were all kind of nervous in not knowing where the shooter was and that was when I remembered that I had that Sleeve. We did feel a lot more secure with this and that there was no way he was going to be able to come in. Even if he shot the lock off, the way this sits up on top I can guarantee you there was no way he was going to be able to come in."

The Sleeve prevented a door breach during the attack.

There have been hundreds of school shootings in the last few years. Teachers desperately tried to protect themselves with last-minute attempts to secure classroom doors.

When seconds count, you could be out of time. But not with The Sleeve.

Designed by teachers, for teachers. The Sleeve fits over any door closer. Incredibly fast activation.

The patented design secures all outward opening doors from the inside. With twelve different sizes, The Sleeve fits all door closers.

Used in offices, dorm rooms, even hospitals. American made.

The Sleeve buys you time when time is not for sale. Order yours today at

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Attaching to door 2
Attaching to door 3

Why You Need The Sleeve

Emergency Door Locks for Schools, Offices, and other Commercial Buildings

Schools, offices, and other commercial buildings often have outward-swinging doors equipped with a door arm.

Hiding from assailantIn fair weather, this is awesome.

It makes it easier for people in wheelchairs to enter and exit, and it helps in fire emergencies.

But there’s one BIG problem.

Most outward-swinging doors can ONLY lock from the outside.

And if there’s an active shooter around, someone will have to get out to the hallway and expose themselves to lock the door.

This is FAR from ideal.

It’s downright putting your life on the line.

The Ineffective “Belt Solution”

To combat this, safety instructors recommend the “belt solution.”

Using belt for lockInstead of exposing yourself to lock the door, you can tie the door arm closed with your belt.

But as Daniel Nietzel and other instructors tried this method, they found two fatal flaws.

One, it didn’t work.

It held up for a short time.

But as the instructor continued to pull the door open, the belt eventually gave.

Two, it was DIFFICULT.

Imagine threading a needle with a gun pointed at your head.

Most people will fumble until it’s too late.

In the same way, trying to fasten a belt when your life is in danger is extremely difficult.

When adrenaline kicks in, we lose most of our fine motor skills.

And with an active shooter walking from room to room, you could be out of time.

Introducing: The Sleeve - The Perfect Security Device for Outward-Swinging Doors

Installing SleeveTo combat BOTH of those issues, Fighting Chance Solutions invented the Sleeve.

With the Sleeve, you can hide safe and sound when there’s a shooter on the loose.

Built from 12-gauge carbon steel, the Sleeve is way stronger than your belt, a rope, or anything you can tie a door arm with.

You won’t have to tie a knot that your life depends on.

And the best part?

You can barricade your door in as little as 2 seconds - no fine motor skilled required.

The moment you hear a gunshot, all you have to do is slip this in quietly and hunker down. It will keep you safe long enough for the authorities to arrive.

Nationwide Approval

Sleeve InstalledThe Sleeve does not make any permanent modifications to a door, door frame, door lock, or any building structure.

It’s frustrating how building regulations and fire-codes bar most door security products.

But since the Sleeve is 100% installation-free, you don’t have to worry about this anymore.

In fact, many states have approved the Sleeve as a secondary lock - offering waivers so that you can put the Sleeve to use in your classroom.