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The Rampart is an easy to deploy, effective door security brace designed for homes, offices, hospitals, dorm rooms, municipal buildings, and many other areas. The Rampart provides a resistance equal or greater than the pressure applied to the opposite side of the door, thereby deterring the intruder and providing room occupants valuable time during an attempted break-in. WE stand behind our Rampart as the best door-bracing device on the market. YOU can stand behind the Rampart as YOUR defensive wall.

The Rampart provides you with an added layer of security and peace of mind against hostile intruders.

  • Deploys quickly and easily
  • Easy size adjustment
  • Fits almost any door handle
  • Securely grips most floor surfaces
  • Compact size for travel
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

Weight: 1lb

Dimension: 32 x 3 x 3 in

Are You Prepared?

Every 13 seconds, a home intrusion occurs.

Over 2.5 million break-ins per year in the United States. 60 percent of burglars use forcible entry to gain access to a home.

The most common method of forced entry is to kick a door open.

*FBI Data

Your Defensive Wall

Now it the time to protect your home and workplace against hostile intruders. The Rampart is a fast, simple and effective door security brace that requires no installation or modifications to your home.

We trust The Rampart to keep you safe when seconds matter.

The Rampart is the only product of its kind that you can trust in a critical situation. Products currently in retail break and fail when they are under the stress of a break-in attempt. Watch the video below to see how The Rampart compares.


Homes, Apartments, Classrooms, Business, Dorm Rooms, Healthcare facilities, Places of Worship, Hotel Rooms, and more

The Numbers

  • In the U.S., a home invasion occurs every 13 seconds.
  • 95% of all home invasions need some amount of force to break in.
  • 2,000,000 home invasions are reported each year in this country alone.
  • Nearly 66% of all home invasions are home break-ins.
  • Only 17% of homes in the U.S. have a security system.