Customer Testimonies

In the past, we were piling furniture in front of our doBrenda Kramerors to create a barricade for every lockdown drill; all of us were risking injury in the process by moving the heavy cabinets in front of our doorways to secure our rooms. Now that we have the Sleeve, all we need to do is grab the device, slide it over the door arm, and then we are done. Everyone in the room is safe and secure in a matter of seconds.

Keeping our students, staff, and volunteers safe is a priority in our school. We were looking for something that was affordable, could be utilized quickly, and was simple enough for students to use if needed; the Sleeve was the perfect answer. In fact, at our last lockdown drill, we were told our building was like “Fort Knox!” Hopefully, we will never encounter a real lockdown situation but it is comforting to know we can secure our classrooms in a timely and safe manner thanks to FCS and the Sleeve!

Brenda Kramer
Teacher, McAlear-Sawden Elementary

Bob AllbeeHopefully, we’ll never have to use them. Hopefully, we’ll just have to dust them every once in a while and they’ll be on the wall. But, in case we need them, that’s why they’re there. We’re just trying to buy some time.

Bob Allbee
President, Muscatine Community College

I measured and tested the Sleeve in my own classroom. It works just as promised. Thankfully I’ve never had to use it in an emergency, but it brings peace of mind.

Jonathan England
Teacher, Henderson, TN

Chris FaloneWe have a very large preschool and we keep a Sleeve on the back of every door in case of an emergency. It makes the parents, teachers and staff feel comfortable knowing they are there.

Chris Falone
Facilities Manager, Temple of Isaiah, Los Angeles, Calif.

The Sleeve has been easy for our staff members to understand how to implement and increases the feeling of safety.

Martin Muecke
Principal, Bullhead City Elementary, Bullhead, AZ

I think this is a great product to give kids and teachers a fighting chance. We provide emergency response, but we may be minutes away when seconds count. Anything the teachers and kids can do to buy some time and disrupt a suspect’s plan can save lives.

C.J. Ryan
Chief Deputy, County Sheriff's Office

This product is simple yet very effective. Our number one goal is to create a safe and positive learning environment for our students. With the easy installation and easy use of the product it is one more thing that we have added to our arsenal in making sure our students are safe.

Trent Christiansen
Director, St. Marys CDC, Martensdale, IA

Amy Emann-EvanchikI was in the search for a product that was easy to use and economically priced, but still provided a high level of safety and security in the event of an intruder. I finally found it with Fighting Chance Solutions and the Rampart Door Security Bar. Right out of the box we were able to place it on a door within seconds. We were impressed with how well it worked. Furthermore it came with a very handy holder that we have installed next to the door so it can be grabbed quickly in an emergency. I HIGHLY recommend this product and the customer service from this company.

Amy Emann-Evanchik
Onsite Owner/Director of School Operations, Goddard Schools, Fairfield, NJ

Providing the Sleeve in every classroom possible has added another layer of preparedness if a security situation arises.

Dani Trimble
Superintendent, Alburnett Community Schools

The Sleeve is something no teacher wants to have to use, but it gives me a little more comfort each day knowing it’s there.

E. Savage
Teacher, Davinci Middle School, Blaine, MN

Nancy ArmstrongThe PTO waited for the teacher, Daniel Nietzel, to get the patent and to get his product on the market. We actually saw these about a year ago and it’s really that a teacher came up with this idea. These are easy to install.

Nancy Armstrong
PTO President, Griffith Elementary School

The product was easy to install and was easy to show teachers how to use… The product works as promoted.

Steve Robb
Facility Manager, Richwood Church, Peoria, IL

As we have started to see a rise in violent crimes over the past few years I felt the need to find a better way to secure my classroom in the case of a violent intruder situation. After exploring several options that failed, I turned to Fighting Chance Solutions. I emailed Brian and he gave me all of the information regarding the sleeve. After purchasing, I found that I had incorrectly measured for my sleeve. Brian and his team worked with me to ensure that I got a sleeve that fit and worked properly on my door… Their customer service was extraordinary. They were very kind and more than willing to help. I could tell that they truly wanted to make sure that my students and I were safe and secure in our classroom. They were proactive in contacting me to make sure the product worked and that I was pleased with my purchase.

Having purchased the Sleeve I now feel more secure in my classroom. I am confident that in the event of a violent intruder situation I will be able to secure my door and better protect my students. This product has allowed me more peace of mind to teach. Safety is a huge priority in my school and district. We want to make sure that students and staff feel safe while at school The Sleeve allows me to have the sense of security that my students and I need to learn and teach comfortably. I have shared this product with other teachers in my school who are now also interested in purchasing a sleeve. I plan to share the product with other teachers in my district as well.

I had a wonderful experience working with Fighting Chance Solutions. They were extremely helpful every step of the way. They have a great product and wonderful customer service. I am very pleased with the Sleeve and appreciative of all the hard work Fighting Chance Solutions has done to help keep students safe.

Christina L.
Elementary Teacher, Missouri School District