Front Door Security 101 - How to Secure Your Front Door

Here’s an alarming fact:

There are roughly 1,400,000 home burglaries every single year.


And since the pandemic caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs, we may see even more burglaries soon.


These facts may cause you to feel uneasy… which is a good thing.

It certainly isn’t nice that there is so much crime nowadays.

But it’s good that you feel uneasy. Because feeling this way and improving your home security is far better than feeling safe and not doing anything until it’s too late.

Now the question is...


How exactly do you improve your front door security?

In this article, you’ll get a look at all the best ways to secure your front door. You’ll see how to install them, how effective they are, and what their weaknesses are.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

Why You Need to Improve Front Door Security

Some people believe that burglars need to climb through the windows or creep through the chimney to get in their home.

In reality, 65% of burglars use doors - with 34% getting in through the front door!


That’s why making your home secure is crucial.

But you might be wondering…

“Can’t I just lock the door?”

Not quite.

You see, locking your doors will prevent burglars from just walking right in (which happens more often than you realize), but it won’t stop them from breaking your door down.

All it takes are a few kicks to knock down a door that isn’t secured.

And even if you have a strong door, a basic door lock is super easy to pick.

Get on Youtube and search “how to pick a door lock.” You’ll be shocked (and possibly frightened) at how easy it is to break in a locked door.


That’s why you NEED to secure your home.

With it, you can cut your home’s chances of being robbed by over a third.

Most burglars are opportunists. If they aren’t targeting you specifically, they’d rather try another house when the door doesn’t budge.

How to Secure Your Front Door

There are dozens of ways you can improve your front door security.

In this article, we’ll look at 5 of the best methods.

We’ll look at how effective they are and how to install them. We’ll also look at their weaknesses and how well they do overall.

What it Does Installation Needs Weakness
Strengthens the weakest part of your door Screwdriver Lockpicks

How to Secure Your Front Door Method #1: Change Door Screws

One cheap and simple way to improve your home security is to change the screws of your strike plate.

Strike plates (the metal plate where the doorknob latch connects when closed), is what holds your door shut.

Unfortunately, too many front doors have strike plates that only use ¾ inch screws, which is terrible at keeping burglars out.

These screws are so shallow, one shove can yank the strike plate off and open the door. The strike plate is most often the first to give when the door is kicked.

That’s why you should install 3-inch ones. This way, it’ll take a lot more force to destroy the strike plate.


Replacing your ¾ screws for 3-inch ones is a BIG improvement. And it’s incredibly cheap as well.


However, it isn’t perfect.

Your new screws will strengthen the weakest part of your door, but that doesn’t strengthen the entire door.

If someone persists at kicking your door, your strike plate might not give, but your door jambs or door frame might. Or the door itself might break.

So while replacing your screws helps, you may want to pair it with other security methods.


Aside from installation, this method is completely hands-off.

As long as you remember to lock your door, your long screws will help keep burglars off.

And the installation isn’t difficult either. All you’ll need are some basic handyman skills.

If you know how to use a screwdriver, then you’re good to go.

Just remove the old ¾ screws and replace them with your new 3-inch ones.


As good as this is for securing your door, it does not offer any protection against lockpicks.

Yes, lockpicks aren’t as common as burglars just barging in your home. Nonetheless, they are still a real threat that longer screws will not help you with in any way.

And they won’t even have to go for the door lock. Without any other security measure taken, thieves can use a card to open your door!


Changing your screws to longer ones is probably the most cost-effective way to improve your front door security.

Once it’s installed, you’ll never have to think about it anymore. Just make sure you lock your door!

Pair your new screws up with another security product or method, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing burglars can’t get into your home through the door.

How to Secure Your Front Door Method #2: Install a Single-Sided DeadBolt Locks

What it Does Installation Needs Weakness
Adds strength and prevents lockpicks Hole saw, screwdriver, screws Inconvenient

If you’re afraid of lockpicks, a single-sided deadbolt lock is the perfect way to stop them.

Deadbolts are locking mechanisms that can only be opened with a key.

There are several variations of deadbolt locks, such as one-side deadbolts, double-cylinder deadbolts, and standard deadbolts.

All of them reinforce your door against kicking, but only a single-sided deadbolt lock helps against lockpicks.

Single-sided deadbolt locks can only be opened from the inside - meaning that there is absolutely no way to pick it from outside.


Single-sided deadbolts are 100% effective against lockpicks.

However, not all burglars know how to pick locks. As we’ve already seen, most of them will try to break the whole door down.

The good news is that a deadbolt lock is also great against that.

Like 3-inch screws, deadbolts typically go deeper into the door jamb than doorknob latches. This provides extra strength to the entire door.

It’s not perfect - the door jamb or door frame might still give - but it’s miles better than nothing.

Also, robbers can’t open a deadbolt with a card.


As effective as single-sided a deadbolt might be, compared to regular locks, they are incredibly inconvenient.

For one, you can’t lock them from outside. You’ll either have to pass the back door or leave it unlocked if you’re going out.

As deadbolts, you’ll always have to keep the key handy. If you lose it, you’ll be in a pretty frustrating situation.

Also, you need to learn a few handyman skills to install them. You need to know how to drill properly sized holes into your door before you can get them in.


One-sided deadbolts don’t have a major “weakness,” but the fact that you can’t lock them from outside means you can’t use them when you leave the house.

Statistics show that most break-ins happen during the daytime when there’s nobody home.

You could deadbolt the front door and exit through the back (more inconvenience), but even that isn’t 100% safe.

While most burglars only try the front door, you’re banking on luck that they won’t find another way like trying the back.


Overall, single-sided deadbolts, and deadbolts in general, are a great addition to your home security.

They strengthen your door and make it impossible to pick the lock or use a card. Plus, deadbolts are incredibly affordable.

How to Secure Your Front Door Method #3: Get a Door Alarm

What it Does Installation Needs Weakness
Sounds an alarm whenever there is an intruder None Deterrent only

Sometimes, strength is not the answer.

With a blaring door alarm, you can scare away anyone that steps into your house uninvited.

Door alarms use sensors to detect when someone is trying to break into your house and let off the loudest scream they can make.

Plus, good alarms also notify your phone or the police whenever there’s an intruder.


Door alarms are surprisingly effective.

No, you can’t rely on them to keep a burglar out. But the last thing most burglars want is to be caught in the act.

That’s why, according to Sioux City Journal, “83 percent of burglars say they look to see if a home has an alarm system before making a decision about breaking in.”

With a screeching alarm that attracts all the attention, most robbers would run away and try another house.


However, alarms are only effective against burglars who only want to sneak in, grab something, and leave without a trace.

If a burglar knows what they’re after in a home or doesn’t mind being seen, alarms are completely ineffective.

Also, a desperate burglar might run in, grab something, and leave quickly, even with the alarm going off.


Door alarms are perhaps the most convenient security product there is.

They are super easy to install. A lot of alarms come with double-sided tape, making installation as easy as sticking it to the wall. Others will need a few screws.

Door alarms add no extra-hassle to you whenever you are leaving and coming into your home, and they can even call the police for you automatically when there’s a break-in attempt.


As said above, door alarms don’t prevent anyone from breaking in. They only deter them.

Deterrents are powerful, but you should never rely on them. If a burglar is after you, they’re not going to care about the noise.

Neither will someone who knows exactly what they want and where to find it. They’ll run in, grab the item, and leave even with the alarms blaring.


On its own, an alarm can scare away most burglars.

Paired with one or two other security measures though, you can stop burglars from breaking in AND alert yourself, your neighbors, or the police that something is going down.

Door alarms are wonderful devices that, if someone does attempt a break-in, you’ll be thankful you had them.

How to Secure Your Front Door Method #4: Get a Solid Door

What it Does Installation Needs Weakness
Prevents burglar from breaking door through the middle Caulk gun, drill, hammer, pry bar, putty knife, reciprocating saw OR get professional help Needs to be paired with good locks/security devices

You can have the longest screws, the best deadbolt, and maybe even a steel door jam - but if your door itself is weak, burglars can easily break it (literally).

The problem is that too many people use hollow doors as their front door, which is a big mistake.

The hollow design is for room-to-room doors, NOT front doors. Your entry door should be completely solid. And it’s best to avoid doors with big glass windows as well.


To find out whether your front door is solid or not, knock on it. If it sounds hollow, that means a few kicks can easily break through it. It means that you should get a solid door.


Having a hard door means there’s no way to break the door by barging at it or kicking it. Burglars are better off kicking a tree than trying to break a solid door.

The only way you can break down solid doors is with an ax. And unless it’s a fireman outside, most people won’t bring a full ax to a break-in.

However, solid doors only eliminate one path for a burglar to get in. Given, they do this very well, but most burglars don’t have to break the door anyway.


Once installed, you’ll never have to think about your solid door (except that you should lock it).

However, installing it means you have to remove your current door and install it yourself, which can take quite some time and skill to get done. You’ll need to learn how to install properly into your door frame.

It isn’t too difficult to do, but you may want to delegate this to professionals if you want everything to be done properly.


By now, you should have an idea of the weakness of standalone solid doors.

That’s right, the strike plate is still weak, lockpicks can pick it, people can use a card to open it, and the jambs or door frame might break.

That’s why without any other improvements, solid doors aren’t worth much in terms of security.


While solid doors can’t do everything on their own, it’s essential to excellent home security.

Without one, all the locks in the world won’t keep a burglar out.

That’s why having a solid front door is crucial. From there, you can add other devices and improvements to have an impenetrable front door.

How to Secure Your Front Door Method #5: Get a Door Security Bar

What it Does Installation Needs Weakness
Completely prevents burglars from kicking your door down None None

Last but not least, you should consider getting a security bar like the Rampart.

This is, by far, one of the best ways to secure your front door. Unlike other methods, you can use the Rampart without any other improvements.

The Rampart is a door bar built to completely jam inward-swinging doors. Once deployed, no amount of kicking will bring your door down.


The Rampart is an extremely easy-to-use door bar. All you have to do is hook it to your doorknob at about a 45-degree angle. Then kick the base on the floor to give it a tight fit.

With this done, the Rampart will give resistance equal to or greater than the outside pressure. That’s why no amount of kicking can bring it down.

You can deploy the Rampart on your front door when you go to sleep or leave the house to prevent any break-ins.

The Rampart is also perfect for dangerous situations where you need to secure the door fast. It takes all of five seconds (or less!) to get the Rampart up.

That’s why the Rampart is one of the most effective front security products there is today.


Not only is the Rampart super effective, but it’s also extremely convenient.

Once you get the Rampart, it’s ready to go - no need for any kind of installation. Sure, you have to adjust its height to fit your door, but that won’t be a problem at all.

It’s a good idea to hang your Rampart near your door. This allows you to secure your door at a moment’s notice.

Talk about convenience, it takes five seconds to deploy and one second to remove!


At first glance, you might wonder whether or not the Rampart can hold. Won’t it go down after hitting the door over and over again?

While other security bars might give, the Rampart was built to withstand even the hardest blows. It’s so strong that it can handle up to 670 lbs of force.

Even without long screws for the strike plate or a deadbolt lock, your door will stand firm with the Rampart.

As for the foot, the Rampart uses a special type of rubber that sticks hard.

Whether your floor is made from tile, concrete, or even carpet, it won’t slip.

That’s why there are practically no weaknesses to the Rampart except that you can’t secure your door from outside.


The Rampart is the ultimate way to secure a door.

With it, you can lock down your house fast and easy. It’s so strong that burglars will need a battering ram to bring it down.

Plus, since there is no installation required, the Rampart is super convenient.

At only $47.99, the Rampart is a bargain. Get yours to transform your front door into a wall of safety.


With 1,400,000 break-ins every year, it’s only wise to prepare for one.

So don’t sit back and wait for something terrible to happen before taking action.

Work on improving your front door security today by changing your screws, getting a deadbolt, adding an alarm, replacing your door, or getting the Rampart.

With these five improvements, you can turn your home into a safe haven from the dangerous world outside.