Stay Safe and Secure this Holiday Season!

By Fighting Chance Solutions

With the weather turning colder and smiles getting brighter, the holiday season is here. Last minute shopping and holiday parties mean more time than usual away from the home, providing burglars ample opportunities to damper your festivities. With more cheer comes time for more precaution. Here are some simple ways to keep your home and belongings safe this holiday season.

1. Keep lights on!

Burglars love when you turn off the lights. They can roam around in the dark so it’s harder for people to see them. Keep internal and external lights on a timer, so when you’re not home the house will be lit up.
However, it is important to remember to turn off holiday and Christmas tree lights when you leave the home to avoid a fire hazard.

Christmas lights

2. Set a scene.

If you have a car parked in the driveway, place a pair of men’s glove on the dash. You may also put a large dog bowl near an entryway. Burglars will think twice if they suspect a man or big dog lives in the house.

This is especially important if you plan to travel during the holidays. Inform a neighbor of your travel plans for an extra set of eyes watching over your house. Consider putting a hold on your mail while away. An overflowing mailbox is an easy indication that you have been away for awhile. If you are expecting a package, plan to pick it up at the post office so it is not waiting on your doorstep.

3. Consider a home security upgrade.

Consider buying a home security system. This can give you peace of mind that your home and valuables are secure when you are away. Installing floodlights or motion sensors outside will help keep unwelcomed visitors away.

Thieves image

4. Be cautious of what you post on social media.

Potential burglars will watch social media seeking information on holiday travel and Christmas shopping. Burglars will strike at the easiest moments. So wait to post that picture of you sipping a Piña Colada on the beach!

Changing your social media privacy settings is a good idea too. Having strict privacy settings ensures only friends can see what you are posting. Be cautious when RSVP’ing to a Facebook event. This is an open invitation for a burglar to enter your home knowing you are away.

5. Don’t let people see what you purchased.

When unpacking from your holiday shopping, unpack in the garage with the door closed. Make sure potential burglars cannot see what you purchased. Remove valuable gifts from your vehicle and consider placing them in safe or hidden location around the house.

Keep presents away from the window. Anything visible from the street is also visible to a burglar. Do not put boxes out on the curb, instead consider taking them to a dumpster.

Christmas tree gifts

6. Lock it up!

This may seem simple, but remembering to lock doors and windows is the easiest step you can take to securing your home. Double-checking before you leave your home will help protect you from an unfortunate situation later.

 Most important tip of all is to enjoy this time with friends and family! Happy Holidays from Fighting Chance Solutions!

Happy Holidays

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