Fast, Simple Security

Active shooter and crisis situations happen fast, therefore seconds matter. Fighting Chance Solutions provides easy-to-use and effective security solutions that require no additional installation or permanent modifications to doors.

Fighting Chance Solutions products protect schools, workplaces, places of worship, and military and government institutions in all 50 states.

The Sleeve²


Easy installation

The Sleeve² does not permanently attach to your door. The Sleeve is the fast, easy, and effective way to secure your room.


One step activation

The Sleeve² offers immediate activation, simply sliding over door closer arms to provide room occupants with peace of mind. The Sleeve allows occupants to secure a door from the inside against a hostile intruder.


No permanent modification to the door required

Unlike many security products, The Sleeve² requires no permanent structure modifications or maintenance to protect your classroom or office door.

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The Rampart


Secures entryways

The Rampart provides room occupants with peace of mind, as they are able to secure a door from the inside. It is the perfect solution for homes, offices, dorm rooms, hospitals, and municipal buildings.


Strength and reliability

Engineered to the highest specifications in the industry, the Rampart is the easiest and most effective solution to protect rooms with doors that open inwards.


Fast and simple activation

Ready for deployment in seconds to protect your room

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