Security Devices for Schools and Homes

Built by a group of concerned teachers in Iowa with active shootings in mind - our products can save your life when seconds count.

When your life's on the line,
every second is critical.

Fighting Chance Solutions provides you with robust door security devices that are guaranteed to keep active shooters and burglars out.

  • Deploy in 2 Seconds

    In panic mode? The Sleeve and The Rampart’s 1-step activation allows ANYBODY to secure a door in 2 seconds – even if their hands are trembling.

  • Indestructible

    Laser-cut from solid 12-gauge carbon steel, the Sleeve can withstand up to 550 lbs. of external force, and made from solid 3030 aluminum, the Rampart is guaranteed to withstand up to 670 lbs. of force.

  • No Permanent Modifications

    Secure your doors without worrying about building code or fire violations. Our products are 100% modification free – no drilling, gluing, or screwing.

  • Join the thousands of teachers, businesspeople, and homeowners in every state and secure your doors with Fighting Chance Solutions!

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Which Door Security Device is Right for You?

The Sleeve

Outward-Swinging Doors

The Sleeve

Secure any outward-swinging door with the Sleeve by sliding it over the door’s closer arm. Perfect for schools and businesses.

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The Rampart

Inward-Swinging Doors

The Rampart

Secure any inward-swinging door with The Rampart. Simply grab, set, and kick! Perfect for homes and offices.

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Founded in Iowa, Adopted Nationwide

Fighting Chance Solutions was formed when a team of educators and entrepreneurs in Iowa conceived an idea to help protect students and teachers in an active shooter or violent intruder scenario by securing the door closer arm found on most classroom doors. Seeking an effective and affordable solution, the team collaborated to design and bring The Sleeve into reality in 2013. Since then, Fighting Chance Solutions has expanded to include the Rampart to secure doors that swing inwards.

Fighting Chance Solutions is proud to serve and protect classrooms, homes, offices, and government institutions in all 50 states.

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