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Protect Your Family! Improve Your Front Door Security

Protecting yourself and your family is always a top priority. Your house is not merely a structure; it should be a safe shelter for you and your family.

A home is considered a sanctuary. It's the safest place on Earth. It's where you can let your guard down and relax. It's also where you and your family can enjoy spending time together.

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The role of a home is significant to a person's life. According to Habib Chaudhury, a teacher at Simon University in Canada, a man's home has four areas that take meaning in his life. These areas are especially significant during a person's senior years:

  1. It contributes to the emotional attachment that contributes to one's emotional well-being, self-esteem, and confidence.
  2. A home is somewhere that's familiar. Familiarity with one's physical environment helps a person relax and feel in control.
  3. Knowing one's neighborhood also brings comfort to a person.
  4. The home is also part of one's self-identity. More than the structure, it becomes a person's emotional refuge.
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When finding a home, people consider safety and security first. You check the location to determine how far are the nearest police station, hospital, and school.

When it comes to the house itself, you check for its structural integrity. You seek professional help to ensure its construction followed all safety codes. You also make sure that all entry doors are secured against intruders or burglars. You make sure that your front door lock is correctly installed and easily activated.

Home security does not end there. Once you've chosen your home, you need to add a security system to make it a fortress to protect yourself and your family.

Home Invasion Crimes In The U.S.

In 2018, the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program stated that 59.5% of crimes were against property, and 24.1% were against persons. Home invasions can be considered as offenses against both properties and persons, depending on the incident.

Theft or Larceny remains to be the first frequent crime across the states. Next is burglary, with almost two million incidents per year. Despite crime decreasing over the years since the 1970s, there are still places where the crime is nearly high or as high as it was in the previous years.

Aside from taking valuable items from your home, burglars also cause damage to your property. Their point of entry will be forced, which takes a toll on your front door, window, or gate.

A burglar's goal is to take property. However, that doesn't mean that they do not bring weapons during any break-in attempt. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been 437 incidents of home invasions with gun-related violence from January 1 to April 13 of this year.

Home Invasion Data

Source: HOME INVASIONS (January 1-April 13, 2020) | Gun Violence Archive | www.gunviolencearchive.org | accessed last April 13, 2020

Between 2004 and 2008, the Bureau of Justice Statistics says that one out of three violent crime happens in or near the home of the victims. These violent crimes range from offenses against property and the person.

Home Invasions At The Time Of Crisis 

Based on statistics from the FBI and the Bureau of Justice, violent crime in America is in a long-term decline. Despite this, public perception is not aligned with this claim. Many Americans believe that crime is increasing, as shared in opinion surveys conducted by Gallup.

Based on the Gallup survey related to home burglaries, the percentage of people who frequently worry about being burglarized increased from six percent to ten percent from 2017 to 2019. People who never worry about burglaries also decreased from 44% to 41%.


Source: Screenshot from Crime, Gallup Survey, https://news.gallup.com/poll/1603/crime.aspx, last accessed April 15, 2020

The public perception of crime is based on the assumption that most crimes are not reported. Most crimes reported are not solved. Most Americans also believe that even if the national crime is down, there are still more local crimes compared to past years.

News reports are one of the factors as to why the public's perception is not aligned with the government statistics. Since most news outlets feature crimes, it seems that crime is still prevalent.

Another factor is the reality of America's recession. Many Americans have filed for bankruptcy and unemployment. Despite getting aid, not all of their needs are met. When needs are not met, people become desperate. This desperation motivates them to commit crimes such as theft and burglary. 

According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, physiological, and safety needs are the basic needs every man should have. Satisfying both lower levels is important to avoid unpleasant feelings or actions.


Source: Saul McLeod, “Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs”, https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-maslows-hierarchy-of-needs-4136760, accessed last April 15, 2020

Physiological needs, such as food, water, warmth, and rest, are essential for someone to survive and live their lives. Meanwhile, safety needs include physical and financial security. It also includes having good health and well-being.

In a crisis, both physiological and safety needs are limited. When there is no food, water, shelter, financial security, and physical security, a person will do whatever it takes to survive. It becomes a big motivator for committing crimes. 

When there's a crisis, many are motivated to meet their needs in other ways. Disasters like the recession or outbreak are situations that break many people. Homes are easy targets for people struggling to survive. Breaking into a home can get them food, water, and valuables to sell.

Effects Of Home Invasion Crimes 

Home invasion crimes do more damages beyond the destruction or theft of property. Often the perpetrator would threaten the homeowner if the house is occupied during the act of crime. When this happens, a burglary can turn into assault or other violent crimes.

There are numerous effects on an individual or family when their homes are invaded.

First, there are physical effects such as destruction or loss of property. Most home invasions are burglaries to get valuable items within your home.

Valuable items such as cash, drugs, jewelry, and electronics are the usual targets of burglars. They take any property in your home that can quickly be sold for money.

Other parts of your home may be destroyed when burglars forcibly enter your home. Most often, burglars ruin your home's front door and security gate. They also destroy any evidence that may lead police and investigators to them.

Family members can also suffer from physical harm inflicted by the burglars. Whether it's premeditated or by accident, burglars resort to physical confrontation when they're robbery is interrupted by the owners of the house.

Beyond that, home invasions have a long-term mental impact on the families involved. Family members can experience sentimental loss over the stolen property, such as personal items and heirlooms.

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Victims of home burglaries also acquire Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. According to the "What Do We Know About The Effects Of Crime On Victims?" written by Joanna Shapland and Matthew Hall, anyone victimize in crime has the following direct effects:

  • Shock
  • Loss of Faith or Trust in Society
  • Guilt (for not being able to prevent or stop the crime)
  • Fear, Anger, and Depression
  • Changes in Social Behaviors (i.e., refusing to go out with friends, not wanting to stay in the place where the crime happened, etc.)

If the crime is a home invasion, the first effect is no longer feeling safe in your home. A place where you rest and let go of any stress is suddenly the place where the incident happened. It is no longer your haven, your sanctuary.

These emotional and mental effects are not easy to get over. It takes time, money, and self-reflection for victims to process the trauma of the home invasion. Thus, it's better to be prepared and prevent any home invasions.

How Can I Protect Myself and My Family From Home Invasions? 

Knowing the risk of home invasions, protecting yourself and your loved ones is more than locking your doors. You need to take extra precautions to make sure that you and your family are safe in your home. Increasing your front door security is the first step.

Beyond choosing a safe neighborhood to live in, improve your home's security with the following steps:

  1. Get Rampart to secure your front door and all inward-swinging doors.
  2. Upgrade your door locks to prevent anyone from coming into your home.
  3. Add security screens on your front door.
  4. Install security cameras within your property.
  5. Secure windows so no one can look into your home or enter through it.

Get Rampart to secure your front door and all inward-swinging doors.

The key to preventing home invasions is by adding additional security in your entry points. Most burglars break into homes by going through your front door and back door. Improve your front door security by adding a security device such as door security bars.

According to a report that interviewed over 86 burglars, most of them break in through unlocked doors or windows. Some burglars with door lock picking skills unlock doors. Others simply kick the door down, even if it will cause a loud bang.


Prevent home break-ins by using the Rampart, an easy-to-deploy door security brace. No one can open your front door or any inward-swinging door in your house when you secure it with Rampart.

With its unique design, the Rampart is easy to install without the need for complicated instructions. Simply slip the top handle under your doorknob and secure it in its place. It works in any type of door openers, including handles and hooks.

Once the top handle is on the doorknob and the bottom is secured, the door barricade locks it in place. Even if the intruder has door lock picking tools (or if you left your door unlocked), they wouldn't be able to open the door.

The Rampart's bottom is made of a particular type of rubber that works effectively for multiple kinds of surfaces such as carpet, wood, tile, and linoleum. It works as a door jammer. It uses counterpressure that prevents the door from opening even when it's kicked in.

Made from solid 3030 aluminum, the Rampart is strong and adjustable. It's composed of two interlocking pieces that secured with a slide-through pin that ensures there won't be any slippage when pressure is applied. It’s the added reinforcement your door needs.

The Rampart, a door security bar, is portable and easy-to-deploy. You don't need to spend any more money on installation or door modifications costs. Getting the Rampart also does not violate any building codes. You can easily remove the Rampart if you and your family need to get out of your home.

The Rampart is not only ideal for your front door. You can have a Rampart near all of the inward-swinging doors of your home. You can buy the Rampart's hook and install it in a wall near the door, so it's neatly put away when not in use.

Improve your front door security by getting the Rampart. It's the best door security brace in the market today. You can even purchase one for when you are traveling. For peace of mind, you can use the Rampart on your hotel door during vacations.

If you're a business owner, get the Rampart for your store's inventory supply door and office doors. Some of the backdoors of retail shops may be inward-swinging doors. If that's the one you have, get the Rampart to secure it from possible burglary.

Rampart can increase your home's security beyond locking your doors. You're assured that your home, store, or office won't be broken into, and your family would be safe.

Upgrade your door locks to prevent anyone from coming into your home. 

Burglars get into a home through unlocked doors. Sometimes people become complacent with security when they know they're homes are in a safe and well-guarded community.

Homeowners who are in the habit of forgetting to activate locks on front doors need a better locking system. Get a system that automatically locks your entry door even without you activating it. This way, even if you forget to lock your door at night, you can sleep soundly and worry less.

You can have additional door security devices to your front door. Devices such as reinforcement locks, deadbolt locks, and smart locks are excellent choices for your home security measures.

Don't forget to also add security devices to your home's back door and other entrances. Sometimes, homeowners reinforce their front doors without securing any of the additional entry points. When intruders cannot get through the front door, they find other ways to get inside the house.

Add security screens on your front door. 

Some burglars force their way into your home when you open your door. Another security barrier can help deter them from getting through.

Door security screens are perforated metal doors installed in front of your original door. These doors are outward-swinging, so kicking it won't open it. With a security screen, you can keep it locked even if you need to talk to a stranger that's at the door.

Not all doors can be fitted with security screens, though. In that case, get a peephole for your door so you can view who is at the door. You can determine whether you can open the door for someone at the door.

Install security cameras within your property.

Another security measure to protect your home is by installing security cameras. The installation of a camera is a bit costly.

According to a report, burglars deter from breaking into a home when there are security cameras in the property. Install a camera that focuses on your front door to discourage intruders from entering it.

The cameras do not always stop robbers from entering your home, though. Burglars resort to breaking the cameras before entering. Otherwise, they just use a mask to conceal their identity.

Security cameras are reliable for when the police are investigating the home invasion. It helps catch the perpetrator. Learning about the robbers' modus operandi can help you safeguard and prepare for future attacks.

Secure windows so no one can look into your home or enter through it. 

Aside from doors, burglars are known to enter through unlocked windows. Some also break glass windows, but it's likely that they won't risk getting injured to intrude on a house.

Burglars often case their targets to know where to enter and what valuables they could get. They case a house and look through open windows for any signs of weak security. They also take note of where the valuables are so they can finish the job in less amount of time.

Obscuring the views from the windows can help deter burglars from targeting your home. Reinforcing them with bars or grills will reduce the chances of robbers getting through them.

Secure Your Home And Protect Everyone From A Home Invasion

Crimes against property are still the first committed crimes in the United States. Most cases relate to theft and home burglary. Despite this, many homeowners do not have any home security system in place to prevent break-ins from happening.

Prevention is better than cure. Don't risk the safety of your home from break-ins. The physical and mental effects of a home invasion crime are long-term.

Protect yourself and your family from a home invasion. Keep your home as a haven and sanctuary.

Get the Rampart on every entryway in your home and protect your family. 

Rampart can keep your doors barricaded and secured. It serves as a door jammer. Even if an intruder picks your front door's lock or kicks it down, it won't budge. It's portable and easy-to-deploy. It uses counterpressure that keeps all doors secured. Even if your door is unlocked, Rampart can successfully barricade it.

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