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Violent intruder/lock down incidents are on the rise. Especially in the retail sector

Avg. 1 incident per week in malls that require lockdown/door securement involving our products.

The problems and frequencies only seem to be increasing based off of national statistics and our in-house numbers.

Keeping employees and customers safe as they shop has come to the forefront.

Why You Need Strong Retail Security?

The need for better security in retail stores is one the rise.

According to the Washington Post, shootings in schools and churches stand out, but “More common are those in offices and retail establishments such as restaurants and stores.”

Our in-house numbers show that there is an average of 1 incident per week in malls that require lockdown protocols.

To make matters worse, these incidents are continuously rising as the days go by.

That is why keeping customers and employees safe as they shop has become a major issue in the retail business.

The Challenges of Retail Security

Creating a security solution for a retail store comes with a set of challenges.

Just hiring a retail security guard is no longer going to be enough in our day.

The main challenges of retail include:

High Turnover of Employees / Ever-Changing Customer Base

As a retail business, you never know who is going to walk through your door.

While most customers are going to be well meaning buyers, you can never weed out suspicious people before they get into your store.

What’s more, most retail stores have high turnover rates. With ever changing store personnel, it is difficult to prevent former employees from accessing areas of the store that they should no longer have access to.

While there is little you can do about both of these, both present a real risk to your retail security.

Variance in Store Set-Ups

Another challenge is that no two stores are the same. Even stores within the same organization have different layouts.

They have different entry points and exit points. The backroom of every store is going to be in a different place.

For this reason, creating a universal security system for every store in your organization will be a challenge.

Variance in Safety Programs

Another major challenge is that most stores have different safety programs.

While most retailers follow a variation of the Run, Hide, Fight system, the exact protocols differ.

For this reason, there may be confusion when an actual shooting incident occurs.

Costs in Retrofitting Already Established Structures

One of the major challenges in improving retail security is cost.

Providing better security to keep customers safe is not an option. However, several solutions require you to retrofit already established structures, which can be an expensive venture.

The Unknown

Lastly, the unknown.

Nobody can predict when or where an active shooting event will occur.

And when it does happen, there is no way to tell what the shooter is going to do next.

That is why the best solution is to have a proper security plan to run, hide, or fight the intruder.

How Fighting Chance Solutions Can Help Your Organization With Security

Experts across the country agree that the best protocol to follow during active shooting events is the run, hide, fight model.

When running is not an option, securing yourself in a safe room is the best thing to do.

With Fighting Chance Solutions, you can ensure total lockdown in your retail store, while solving many of the challenges of retail security.

Fighting Chance Solutions’ Rampart is the strongest door security bar in the market. Able to withstand 650lbs of force, this bar will not budge even when the intruder attempts to kick down your door.

What’s more, FCS products can be deployed in all of two seconds, and require no fine motor skills. 

This allows you, your employees, and your customers to safely secure themselves in a backroom quickly and effectively.

The cost of using FCS products for security is also outstanding.

There are no permanent modifications required to install these. A single Rampart only costs $49.99, and this is enough to secure one inward-swinging door already.

Finally, all FCS products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

When your life's on the line, you don’t want a low-quality bar keeping you from danger. Choose FCS for high-quality security products manufactured in the USA.

Why Choose FCS’s Retail Security Solutions?

When you choose Fighting Chance Solutions to help with your retail security, you can enjoy several benefits:

Possible Insurance Discount

With a solid security plan and door security devices to back it up, there is a big chance you may receive discounts on your insurance.

FCS’s products fit into all existing safety programs. And the purchase of these may be used to negotiate lower rates for insurance.

Risk Mitigation

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using FCS’s products is to fulfil your retail store's security needs.

We can talk about cost savings or loss prevention, but nothing is worth more than saving someone’s life.

Our products are tried and tested to keep intruders out until law enforcement arrives to maintain order.

Lawsuit Defense

Failure to provide sufficient security to your clients and staff can result in huge lawsuits against your company.

However, if your security is sufficient, you can win these lawsuits even if there was loss of life within your property - provided that you provided everything that was needed to prevent or stop the tragedy.

For only around $54 per installation, the Rampart can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It’s a small price to pay to ensure security and a way out should lawsuits arise.

Goodwill/Public Eye

By ensuring the safety of your customers and staff, this will paint a very good picture of your business.

It will show that you are a company that is not only about sales and assets, but also a company that cares about everyone involved.


When you choose FCS, you do not have to worry about the costs of retrofitting. You won’t have to worry about heavy instructions on how to use the products either.

Anyone can respond to an alarm quickly and swiftly with FCS’s products. The moment the alarm sounds, it only takes 2-seconds for the door to be secured.

The Next Step: What Installation Would Look Like

If you’re ready to prevent criminals from breaking down your doors during emergencies, here’s what working with FCS would look like:

Determine Product Needed

First, you need to determine which of FCS’s products will be needed to prevent the threats on your store.

For most retail businesses, this will be the Rampart inward swinging door security bar.

Determine Hanger You Would Like

Having a hanger allows you to hang the Rampart next to the door that needs to be secured.

This way, whenever there is an alarm, you can secure the door in 2-seconds.

Determine Literature

Having leaflets around the store about what to do during emergencies is vital for a smooth safety procedure.

You can choose which leaflets you want printed for your store, as well as determine the branding that goes into it.

Send Shipping Information to Us

Next, send us your shipping information.

If you have several stores across the country, send us a spreadsheet of all individual store locations, and we will deliver the products needed within 2-4 days.


For only around $54/piece, you can get the Rampart, a hanger, instruction sheet, and a location sticker.

Shipping costs will depend on your locations.

Have Any Questions?

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