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As of October 21, 2020, there have been 517 mass-shooting events in the U.S. - a whopping 100 more incidents than in the entire 2019 (and the year isn’t even over yet!).

That means that there are roughly two active shooting events around the country every single day.

The Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit organization tracking gun incidents, estimates that there have been a total of 34,573 gun-related deaths already this year.

Incidents in 2019 | Gun Violence Archive
Incidents in 2019 | Gun Violence Archive

Source: Deaths in 2020 | Gun Violence Archive

Sadly, a lot of these deaths could have been prevented if people had better security. Something as simple as putting up a door security bar could stall the shooter and save precious lives.

Gun Violence Archive also states that there have been 449 home invasions across the United States.

Home Invasions in 2019 | Gun Violence Archive

Source: Home Invasions in 2020 | Gun Violence Archive

And things get even scarier. 

Studies show that people who are laid-off from work commit 60% more property crimes. With millions of Americans losing their jobs to the coronavirus pandemic, many people may turn to desperate measures. 

All these show us that locking your door and improving security at home is critical nowadays. 

However, just locking your door may not be enough anymore. 

Without something better like a door security bar, all it takes is a few kicks to knock a door down. 

Public places are also at risk. 

Despite security measures in malls, restaurants, and offices, mass shootings still happen.

According to the FBI, 43.70% of the active shooter incidents from 2000-2008 happened in commercial businesses. 

These include public spaces like malls and restaurants. However, most active shooter incidents happen in private spaces like offices and workplaces. 

Many offices have tight security against intruders. Some rooms even have permanent security measures installed on their door.

Despite this, active shooter incidents continue to happen. In 2018, 60% of active shootings were in closed or private businesses.

And a lot of times, businesses don’t even get the chance to go in security mode. Because the shooter can just walk in the door. 

Back in February, an employee of a Milwaukee brewery walked into work and killed 5 of his workmates

As the shooting was going on, employees locked themselves in a coat room praying the shooter wouldn’t come to their door. 

If only they had some door security bar to lock themselves up completely! Luckily for them, the shooter took his own life before he could take any more of theirs. 

Surrounding establishments all went into full security mode. Businesses and schools locked up their doors. Residents were advised to stay inside. Relatives of victims had to wait in agony before getting any updates on their loved ones.

And if you think this is a rare occurrence. It’s not. 

Scary events like these happen more than you realize.

Last year in May, a disgruntled employee attacked the municipal building in Princess Anne, Virginia Beach

The employee resigned with a good record a few hours before the attack started. He used his access pass to get in the door of the building. 

According to CNN, employees ducked down their desks and locked themselves inside offices. 

Without any door bar, it took all of 21 employees to block their office door with several desks pushed against it.

In 2018, a temporary employee open fired on her co-workers in a Rite Aid distribution center in Maryland. Co-workers dove for the ground and hid in bathrooms.

Another workplace shooting happened around the same time in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Employees responded by running away from gunfire, hiding in their desks, and hiding and locking the door of a small cafeteria. 

It happens anytime and anywhere - when you least expect it to. That’s why it’s vital to be prepared at all times. 

Without any sort of door bar, all a shooter has to do is kick down the door and he’ll get to you.

What to do in an active shooter event?

It is unfortunate that situations like workplace shootings have become commonplace. 

From 2000 to 2018, the FBI cites 277 incidents across the country. The casualties rose to 2,430 people, both killed and wounded.

Quick Look: 250 Active Shooter Incidents in the United States From 2000 to 2017

Source: Quick Look: 250 Active Shooter Incidents in the United States From 2000 to 2018 | FBI: Office of Partner Engagement

To make matters worse, the FBI hasn’t found a concrete profile of the attackers.

In 2018, the FBI released a study on shooters’ pre-attack behaviors. The goal of the study was to understand the shooters’ actions. However, the 63 active shooters in the study did not have anything in common.

Given this reality, it’s important to know what to do when an attack happens. It’s vital to know the security measures that need to be taken. 

There are different training programs available when responding to such situations. The FBI released a recommendation to use the Run. Hide. Fight. method.

Video: RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.® Surviving an Active Shooter Event | City of Houston | Jul 23, 2012

Another training is the ALICE method, created in 2000, stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. Introduced to schools and universities, teachers see a lot of benefits from the ALICE training.

Both methods emphasize the need to deny the shooter access - to stop them from walking through the door.

If you can do this, if the shooter can’t get in the door easily, you’ll buy yourself so much time and can save lots of lives.

That’s why people should look for a room and then bar the door down. Many employees in workplace shooting incidents use offices and cafeterias.

But don’t just lock the door, put up a barricade against it. Or, better yet, put up a door bar.

If you’re at home and an active shooting incident happens nearby, home security should be first priority. Secure your front door as well as your back door.

Put your entire house on maximum security so that the shooter won’t have any opportunity.

However, going on lockdown isn’t easy.

Public spaces have many doors that open outward. And most of these doors cannot be locked without a key. When there’s a door lock, it’s mostly accessible from the outside.

Active shooter response training suggests the use of any items available in the room to lock it down. People used belts, ropes, or pulling the door themselves.

However, all of these are dangerous and ineffective ways to secure a door.

During high-pressure situations, a door security device like The Sleeve can help barricade doors in a matter of seconds. The Sleeve can stop an intruder from entering the room with an outward swinging door and door closer.

For doors that swing inwards, lockdown devices such as door security bars like the Rampart help secure rooms.

Using these door tools helps secure rooms quickly and effectively. When door security devices are used people can feel safe knowing that shooters need extreme force before they can break down the door.

How do you secure a front door?

Most residential front doors and office room doors swing inwards.

That’s why getting a door security bar is the best lockdown method for office and home security.

The purpose of a door security bar is to act as a wedge to prevent the door from giving when force is applied.

Most intruders use the front door when they start the attack. That’s why ensuring good front door security by getting a bar is a must.

Active shooters plan their attacks weeks ahead. Intruders always check ways on how to get in and out the doors of a house, a store, or a restaurant.

So, it’s best that you secure doors that lead to entryways.

In a commercial space, when an active shooter is present, it’s best that there are secluded rooms that can be secured at a moment’s notice. Stock rooms or bathrooms can be hiding spots during a high-tensed situation.

How do you put a security bar on a door?

During a high-tense situation, barricading the door is a priority.

That’s why it’s important that any door security bar should be easy to use and ready to install at a moment’s notice. Most attacks last 10 to 19 minutes from when the first fired shot.

In movies and on TV shows, people jam the front door with tables and chairs and even desks.

However, chairs can break and are not readily available in all types of rooms. And blocking the door with something heavy like a bookcase or a heavy table is something that not everyone has the strength to do.

Besides, if you’re able to push a heavy object in front of your door, the shooter on the other side can just as easily push it off the door. 

With a door security bar, anyone can deploy the bar and secure any inward-swinging door.

The bar locks the doorknob in place and applies counterpressure that stops any external force from breaking the door open.

The best door security bar is the Rampart. Its unique design makes it easy to install within a matter of seconds. Intruders would not be able to open the door even if they have lock-picking tools.


What is Rampart?

Rampart is a door security bar that secures inward-swinging doors.

Built with a solid aluminum frame, this door bar can withstand pressure even when outside forces are applied. Unlike other door security bars, the Rampart has rubberized ends that provide traction to any type of floors. The rubber ends ensure the bar won’t suddenly slip.

Video: The Rampart by Fighting Chance Solutions | Fighting Chance Solutions | Apr 13, 2017

Since it’s designed as a supplementary security device, the Rampart does not violate any building codes. It’s a security bar that can also be used on any type of door opener whether it’s knobs, hooks, and handles.

Despite being able to withstand heavy external forces, the Rampart is a lightweight and easy-to-transport security bar. Hook it up near a door and deploy it when there’s a threat.

It’s a great added security for residential front doors, store stock rooms, offices, and public bathrooms.

Are door security bars effective?

When faced with an intruder, whether it’s a burglary at your home or a violent attack in a public space, having a door security bar can save your life!

Going on lockdown or doing the hide protocol in any violent situation has been highly effective in surviving a violent attack. By denying access to an intruder, it lessens the probability of them doing larger damage to property and other people.

When tested against competitors, the Rampart proved to be one of the best door security bars in the market. Other door security bars would slip or collapse when pressure or force is applied.

Video: Rampart Testing Comparison | Fighting Chance Solutions | Nov 16, 2015

Rampart is an excellent door security device because it’s easy-to-use.

So avoid intrusion in your homes or keep your business places safe - and travel with peace of mind by bringing the Rampart with you! You can also use it to bar up your hotel room door and stay extra safe.

Secure Your Room with the Rampart

With the increase in active shooting incidents, home invasions, and violence in both public and private spaces, investing in home security with a Rampart can save lives.

Improve your home security and protect yourself from home invasions and burglaries. The Rampart is the ultimate door security - it makes any door impenetrable even if the intruders can pick locks. When traveling, hotel rooms can be more secure despite staff having your access cards. 

Security is also first priority in commercial places.

Keep your customers safe and have the Rampart available in your store, office, or restaurant. For any violent attack, equip the doors of your stock rooms, bathrooms, and conference rooms with Rampart to initiate the security protocol.

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