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Using The Sleeve

Hopefully, we’ll never have to use them. Hopefully, we’ll just have to dust them every once in a while and they’ll be on the wall. But, in case we need them, that’s why they’re there. We’re just trying to buy some time. Bob Allbee

President, Muscatine Community College

Locate your Sleeve and closer arm. Start the Sleeve on the closer. Slide over the closer arm.
The PTO waited for the teacher, Daniel Nietzel, to get the patent and to get his product on the market. We actually saw these about a year ago and it’s really that a teacher came up with this idea. These are easy to install. Nancy Armstrong

PTO President, Griffith Elementary School

Incredibly Fast Application

Extremely important when situations are developing fast or there are multiple doors to secure in a room.

No Key Necessary

Subs, building aids, office workers and even students can protect the room in a dangerous situation quickly and easily.

No Need to Enter the Hallway

Everyone can stay in the room while securing it from an active shooter in the common areas.

No Modifications to the Door

This is especially important for ADA and fire barrier doors, where modifications are illegal.

Portable and Versatile

It can be easily hidden out of the site and accessibility of students or can be hung prominently and conveniently close to the door.

By Teachers, For Teachers

Developed by teachers that understand the unique challenges of securing a room quickly and effectively in a crisis.


The Sleeve is easily transported to another room or building if needs change — just confirm the measurements!

Easy to Measure

With only four measurements and handy instructions, anyone can correctly fit the Sleeve.

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