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Bio Solutions COVID-19 Disinfectant Kit
Bio Solutions COVID-19 Disinfectant Kit

Bio Solutions COVID-19 Disinfectant Kit

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Protect your students from the unseen danger! Bio Solutions COVID-19 kit has everything you need to clean and disinfect your classroom or school bus. 

As an EPA certified product, this disinfectant kit guarantees to protect you, your students, and your loved ones from the novel coronavirus.

Each packet of concentrate makes a quart of anti-viral disinfectant.

    Every Bio Solutions includes:
    • 12 Packs of disinfectant pouches
    • 1 Silkscreened 32 oz spray bottle
    • 1 Sprayer
    • 1 Microfiber towel
    • Unlike traditional disinfectant, Bio Solutions has no smell.


    Protect Your Students from The Invisible Enemy

    Did you know that the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours?

    It doesn’t matter that the infected person is gone. If you touch what they’ve touched or sit where they’ve sat - there’s a BIG chance you’ll catch the virus.

    That’s why disinfecting the areas students spend most of their time on is critical.

    With the Bio Solutions disinfectant kit, you can kill all the germs in these areas. Plus, if any viruses were lurking around, they’ll be killed off too - so you can enjoy a clean and completely safe environment.

    The Best Disinfectant for Classroom Desks and Bus Seats

    What cleaner do you use for your classroom?

    Whatever it is, it can probably kill a lot of germs (99.9% maybe?)

    But the big question is:

    Can it get rid of the coronavirus?

    Bio Solutions disinfectant kit is EPA certified (10324-155) to be effective against SARS-Cov-2 (aka, the coronavirus)

    And that’s not all either. 

    Sure, alcohol can clean surfaces and kill viruses. 

    However, alcohol is a terrible cleaner. 

    It not only leaves stains - but it is also a solvent that can damage surfaces. 

    That is why you not only need a powerful disinfectant, but you also need a gentle one. 

    With your Bio Solutions disinfectant kit, you can kill off all the germs and viruses in an area without damaging your desks, seats, or any other surface. 

    How to Use:

    The Bio Solutions disinfectant kit is super easy to use! 

    All you have to do is:

    1. Clean the surface.
    2. Fill sprayer with water and mix in 1 Bio Solutions disinfectant packet.
    3. Spray the surface and wipe with the microfiber towel.

    Disinfecting starts with cleaning

    Before applying your Bio Solutions disinfectant, make sure to clean the surface first. This way, you’ll remove any hardened dirt and prepare for disinfecting. 

    Easy to mix disinfectant concentrate

    The disinfectant packets and the spray bottle are at the perfect ratio for effective disinfecting. 

    No need to measure how many parts disinfectant and water anymore! Just dump one packet into the bottle and fill it with water. 

    Better cleaning with microfiber 

    The Bio Solutions kit comes with a microfiber towel - which is far more effective at cleaning than other cleaning rags. 

    Once you’ve sprayed the surface with your disinfecting solution, wipe it clean with your microfiber towel - and say goodbye the the germs and viruses!

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