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Protect your classroom and family with
The Sleeve2 or The Rampart
door security devices

  • Active shooter and crisis situations happen fast. Seconds matter. Fighting Chance Solutions provides easy-to-use and effective door security solutions that require no additional installation or permanent modifications to doors.
  • Fighting Chance Solutions door security devices help protect thousands of schools, workplaces, places of worship, military, and government institutions in all 50 states.
  • Fighting Chance Solutions door security devices have been used during a real active shooter event in California and withstood a door breach attempt. This is the only known time a secondary door security device has been put to the test and succeeded in an actual active shooter situation.

The Sleeve2Secure an outward swinging door in seconds.

  • The only door security device tested under the pressure of an actual active shooter event.
  • Fighting Chance Solutions classroom door lockdown device, The Sleeve is utilized and trusted for door security by thousands of schools and universities nationwide.
  • Outward swinging school doors present a unique challenge to barricade and secure. The Sleeve achieves this difficult feat by providing classroom door security in a matter of seconds. No modifications to the door or building structure needed.

The RampartSecure an inward swinging door in seconds.

  • The Rampart is uniquely designed for quick securement of any door that opens inward such as an office or the front door of a residential property.
  • Knobs, handles, hooks, regardless of the way you grab your door, The Rampart is designed to secure any style of inward swinging door.
  • Jamming a door and preventing entry with a security door brace can be difficult when dealing with different floor surfaces. The Rampart utilizes a special type of rubber that is designed to work effectively on all floor surfaces including carpet, wood, tile and linoleum.