Security Consultation Session Information

Fighting Chance Solutions values helping organizations and individuals stay safe. We are offering an opportunity to receive a free defense consultation session lead by Noell Bishop, founder of Bishop 30 Solutions with over 20 years of security. To qualify you must purchase $200 or more of FCS products between January 15th- February 15th!

This organizational safety consultation is a great opportunity to add to your safety toolbox. Noell Bishop’s extensive experience in security adds valuable, expert information


Session Details


Noel Bishop Headshot

Noel Bishop

  • Includes a one-on-one over the phone or video consultation
  • Lead by security expert and founder of Bishop 30 Solutions, Noell Bishop
  • Will cover personal, and organizational security best practices
  • Includes tips for your home or building in the event of an active shooter or hostile intruder




Noell Bishop founded Bishop 30 Solutions with 40 years of combined experience in the military and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to help families and groups plan for the unforeseen. Noell is proficient in ALERRT active shooting training.


More About Bishop 30 Solutions

All courses of instruction are customized and discreet. Bishop 30 Solutions comes to you and creates a customized plan to fit your needs. Bishop 30 Solutions Website


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