Do we need to make any installations or modifications to the door or any other parts of a buildings structure?

No, The Sleeve is a cover that slides over the arm of a door closer. Most doors – especially those that are in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act or are rated as “fire barriers” – will have an existing door closer. Because the product exists independently of the door and any of its hardware, no modifications are needed to the door or structure. That means no drilling, cutting, or installation of new hardware. In the case of doors rated as fire barriers, modifications are illegal.

Can The Sleeve be removed quickly if an evacuation is necessary?

Yes, an advantage of The Sleeve is that it can be applied or removed in seconds.

Can I secure the door with The Sleeve if my door is unlocked?

Absolutely, as long as your door has a closer on the inside face. A benefit The Sleeve provides is that the door can be secured by anyone (substitute, building aide, or student), not just a person with a key to the door.  Additionally, because the door is secured from the inside, the teacher does not have to risk being in the hallway during an active shooter situation.

Why do you emphasize the importance of accurately measuring for your sleeve?

The more accurate you are in gathering the requested measurements, the better The Sleeve will secure your door.

Are all door closer arms the same?

No, door closers can be mounted and adjusted in several different ways. This is why we have created a simple three step process to find the correct measurements to fit your needs.

How durable is The Sleeve?

The Sleeve is made of solid, 12 gauge carbon steel (.104″ thick) that is folded to your specifications. The Sleeve is capable of withstanding more than 550 pounds of external force.

Where should we store The Sleeve?

How prominently The Sleeve is displayed in your room will be up to your district or building. The Sleeve can be magnetically secured to a metal door or door frame, or it can be hidden near the door. It’s up to you. 

How long can I expect to receive my order?

Please allow 3-4 weeks as each sleeve is made to your custom measurements.

Could a student lock a teacher out of the classroom?

Unfortunately, there is always potential for misuse. However, educating students and staff on the appropriate use of The Sleeve will be the best way to eliminate misuse. Educating students and staff on how to use The Sleeve is as important as educating students on how to appropriately use fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and deadbolt locks.

Will The Sleeve work on doors without door closers?

No, it will not.