Measuring the Sleeve

To secure a door properly, The Sleeve needs to fit snugly around your door closer. In order to achieve this snug fit, you must take four simple measurements with a tape measure or ruler. Please follow the instructions in the section below to determine these measurements and insure a snug, safe fit.

Don’t forget to record the measurements below before placing your order.

Measurement 1:

Measurement 1 is the length of the straight arm parallel to the door. Start the measurement at the outside edge of the pivot point and measure 1/2″ to 1″ before your first obstruction (bend or closer box).


Measurement 2:

Measurement 2 is for the opening of the sleeve so that it can slide on snug all the way to the end of measurement 1. Measure your opening from the outside edge of your straight arm to the outside edge of your angled arm at the point where measurement 1 was taken. For the most accurate measurement possible, make sure your tape measure is completely perpendicular to the door when you take this measurement and not at an angle. **On this measurement we recommend that if you are between two measurements (like 3 1/2″ or 3 5/8″ ) go with the smaller 3 1/2″.


Measurement 3:

The width of the pivot point. If your closer has a knob, you will need to measure from the outside edges of the knob.


Measurement 4: 

The thickness of the two closer arms. This measurement is from the highest and lowest points of the closer arms. If a nut or knob adds thickness to the arms, then measure this thickness. It is critical that the thickness is correct to allow clearance for the Sleeve to slide on correctly.